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Mission Statement

Our Mission:

We at OGCJ take pride and responsibility in making this world a better place to the best of our ability. Our overall mission is to eliminate negative judgments and in doing so creating more peace, love and respect. In addition to making fashions that spread messages and speaks to individuals and overall communities, we prioritize in giving back to non-profits. We strive to help others by donating $1 from every product sold to a hand-picked non-profit targeting a person or problem nationally or internationally.

While expanding our company, our commitment to give back will also continue to expand. As OGCJ grows we will increase our non-profits that we donate to. There are so many people and organizations we care about and want to help. OGCJ brightly looks forward to the future where we will have more opportunities for a greater impact.

It is not only our mission to give back to non-profits, but back to the people. By creating a positive lifestyle brand, we hope to not only empower each other, but to educate and overall reach one of our highest missions, which is to unite one another!


Non-Profit Contribution to the following Organization:


Team LeGrand

Some may see this man and just see his wheelchair, and that he’s paralyzed. Well this man is way more than both those things. He is a fighter, he is a visionary, he is inspiring and a hero. This man is Eric LeGrand.
The OGCJ Family happily donates to Eric LeGrand’s, “Team LeGrand of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.” One football tackle while he was playing for Rutgers in October 2010 at MetLife Stadium changed Eric’s life forever. Eric is currently facing life with heavy physical therapy to end his current state, which is being paralyzed from the shoulders down.
Every single day Eric shows such strength, determination and love for life. These are the things that will get him back on his feet one day! OGCJ is proud to be able to help this hero and others like him who are facing similar physical challenges and don’t give in or pay attention to any negative criticism. Eric reminds us to believe in staying true to yourself despite all obstacles. Well we bELieve Eric.
“Team LeGrand of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation helps individuals living with spinal cord injury and their families by supporting quality of life initiatives and emerging therapies that will get us to the end zone -- cures for SCI.”
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