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  • FiOS1 News Interview; Genuinely Jersey

    Posted on May 20 2016

    I recently had the great opportunity to sit down with FiOS1 News' Christine Persichette to talk about spreading positivity through OGCJ, starting a business in New Jersey and some other...
  • Passionistas Interview with Deana Delrose

    Posted on April 13 2016

    On an afternoon in April I sat down with Beth Diane Smith from Passionistas at a cute coffee shop in Montclair to talk all things OGCJ. Beth did a beautiful...
  • How To: with Fashionbeaucoup x OGCJ

    Posted on April 01 2016

    Fashionbeaucoup did a fantastic shoot and write up showing different ways to layer our Judge less, Love more tee. To read more about this and find out different layering styles...
  • Podcast Interview (EPN)

    Posted on May 04 2015

    It was a blast talking with Eric Dye from the Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN). I shared some of my inspiration, growth strategy, challenges, lessons and how OGCJ stands apart from...
  • OGCJ's Interview with Urban Milan

    Posted on March 24 2015

    We had the pleasure of talking to Urban Milan about our brand and they wrote this wonderful article that really emphasizes the core of OGCJ. It's short and sweet and...
  • Official Press Release

    Posted on March 18 2015

    Contact: Karen Parziale, 360 degrees JUDGE LESS, LOVE MORE ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE MESSAGE T-SHIRTS CELEBRATE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY February 17, 2015 -- Union, New Jersey -- The “J” in...
  • OGCJ's First Interview & Write-Up

    Posted on March 04 2015

    I am so happy to add this interview to the list of accomplishments during our first year. I am very proud of this piece, especially because it is our first...

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